I am a visual artist and writer based in New York. A longtime reviewer for The Brooklyn Rail, I have in recent years focused primarily on essays. While most of my essays make their way into print, there are some that aren't suited for the publications I write for and thus remain homeless (and largely unread). I established this forum as a way to share these essays. Also included are some essays that have been previously published; when this is the case the original publication is given at the top of the piece.

My writing is grounded in a keen interest in the intelligence of the human body. As a dissident of the Cartesian worldview, my main aim is to explore how a reclamation of the body as an organ of knowing might reshape the art of our times -- and indeed our times themselves. Some of the essays here may not take on these issues directly, but this central concern is always at least implicit.

For more information about me and my work, please visit www.concatenations.org. I can be contacted at taneyroniger@gmail.com

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